Stella (formerly Eggroll) is adapting wonderfully. She gets along with all her sisters. I’m still working on getting her to ring the bell like my other pups to go outside but there has only been a few accidents. She loves playing in her new backyard. Especially trying to swim in her kids pool. She has met all of her cousin dogs and especially loves my brothers husky/shepherd mix, Nova. She loves her new Aunt and Uncle and loves her Grammie. She has some of our neighbors and their dogs and loves them too.

She loves going for walks with her sisters and sitting in puddles in the road to cool off. 🤣🤣 She loves sticking her head out the window on car rides getting all the smells.She is truly a wonderful girlie that is such a lover and reminds me so much of my Sammie (formerly Groucho) that I lost last January 2022.

Thank you for letting me adopt this baby girl.

Stella, formerly Eggroll, was adopted in July 2023.