Gotcha Day update May 2022. Tucker is now a 72 pounds loving, sweet and energetic guy.  He loves his walks and day care days.  He’s currently in the Junior training class at Peninsula Pups learning how to mind himself better with distractions.  He is very smart and agile.  He loves his ‘puzzies’ puzzle toys and playing.  So glad he’s part of our family 🐶❤️ 

Tucker formerly Darwin, arrived at NCCR on 4/1/21 from Kentucky. He had suffered a broken hip prior to arriving at the shelter.

I adopted Darwin with my husband and son 2 weeks ago.  We renamed him Tucker and he now knows his name.  He has done very well.  He settled in right away, and gets plenty of love and attention.  He loves his fenced yard, taking his toys out daily and playing by himself running around like crazy, or playing fetch with us.     We immediately took him out to meet the neighbors and their dogs.  We ask people that we meet on our walks to pet him so he gets socialized, and this has helped lessen his barking at people going by when he is in the yard.  So far he loves everyone he meets.  Now we have to work on not pulling every time he wants to say hi!  He played very well with every dog he met, and neighbor lab mix Luna is in love with him!  He had a playdate with her in our yard last week.  He is very loving and has a great disposition.   He sleeps in his kennel at night, no problem.   He has a temperament test (like he won’t pass with flying colors) at Peninsula Pups next month, where we plan to send him to daycare for more socialization once per week.  We are going to enroll in their training program starting late June.  He needs some work as he’s very strong and full of energy as a pup.  So so far very good, we love him!  Thanks for all you do and all at NCCR for helping us find him.  

Tucker was adopted in May 2021.