Waldo Pigoletto

October 2023 update:  Waldo’s DNA test is in!

Things are going well with Waldo.  We have kept the name Waldo Pigoletto.  He is often called Wally.  He is such a sweetheart.  We have a bit of work on some housebreaking, mouthing, treat taking, and interaction with our cat.  All things we knew about when we adopted him. Nothing is going to be a major issue.  He has been making progress and settling in.  The other dog in the attached pictures is Grover.  I adopted him from NCCR almost 7 years ago and they are doing great together.  Wally loves Grover and Grover is very patient with him.  He and our cat, Franklin, are learning to have a relationship.  We will get there.  I am awaiting DNA test results from Embark and I will share them with the shelter when we have results.  Everyone is dying to know what the fawn colored Merle boy is! 

Waldo Pigoletto was adopted in September 2023.