Formerly Tilly, this beauty is now Webbs, proudly named by the youngest child in the family!

She is doing phenomenally well. She had settled in completely by about the fourth day and allowed her true feisty and a bit stubborn puppy personality to shine. She gets on well with all four of our kids, isn’t phased by our oldest being blind, and wants so very badly for our cat to be her playmate.  She was not so loving toward the guinea pigs and will have to be trained to not have them for a snack.  She did not enjoy the cold wind & rain we had for a bit!

Webbs has learned sit, down, leave it, come, and is probably 95% house trained.  She is also sleeping though the night.  She is very smart in that she learned to take a shoe and run because she loves the kids to chase her, then before we can even finish saying “leave it” she drops it waiting for a treat 🤦🏻‍♀️.   Webbs has been out and about quite a bit and loved the sand at the beach but just tolerated the water.  She has enjoyed the company of a few other dogs and will begin a puppy class soon.  We look forward to having another canine good citizen :).

Webbs was adopted in September 2022.