I changed her name, it is now Zoe. She is a complete love. Everybody that has met her absolutely loves her. She does ok around my Mom’s Yorkiepoo. She wants to chase the deer. She hates the vacuum and hair dryer. She likes to look out the windows and people watch. She is adjusting well. She likes the food I am trying with her. She can be quite in your face when you are eating. But she is told no and she will back away briefly. She sleeps great. Snores a lot.  Lol

I am having a hard time with the house training. The first week she would go outside with no problem. But this last week she is going in the house in the same spot everything. I’m trying tips I’ve received but nothing seems to be working. That is something I’m hoping to correct very soon. Other than that she is a wonderful furchild. She loves to be petted all the time and wants all my attention. I’ve only heard her bark twice.  She is great!


Zoe, formerly Sheila, was adopted in December 2022.