Zoey is doing just fine! I can’t believe how smart she is. Definitely a problem solver. Not too much gets in her way when she decides to do something. She is such a sweetheart. She is Zoey my little monster just like on Sesame Street.  She ended up with hazel colored eyes which was a surprise.

October 2022 update: Zoey is still quite the character. We have had a busy year. Zoey decided she has to “help” me clean anything at her level which usually leads to laughter and taking twice as long. She is my chicken chaser. She fits through the chicken door of my meat chicken coop. She would round all of them up at make them stay in the corner. Eventually they were in the corner when I opened the door. Boy was she disappointed. She learns most things quickly but is stubborn about a few things. Unfortunately we lost her big sister (my GSD) at the end of June to cancer. It took a few weeks to adjust but she has definitely tried to fill in for Ziva. We didn’t realize how much Ziva trained her until she was gone. Zoey has an amazing nose. She is aware of everything going on around her and lets me know. She is a wonderful companion and so loving. Everyone she meets tells us she is such a sweetie. She is a perfect fit for us. We will probably find her a new brother or sister when it is time but for now I am enjoying my time with her.

Zoey, formerly Nala of the 2021 “N” Puppies was adopted in October 2021.