Dec. 2022 Gotcha Day update!  Annie is doing amazing, she has come a very long way in one year. She is absolutely the sweetest. It took her several months to build trust and to adjust to life inside my home and still is very skeptical of new people but she learns to trust others quickly. It took a several months to train her to become house broken but we keep working with her by keeping things consistent and indoor accidents have now become very rare. Annie still has moments of uncertainty and reacts by frantically leaving the area but we always call for her to come back and reward her with love. Again, her trust, personality and knowledge have grown so much in one year, she is amazing. She learns so fast and has become a fantastic companion to Dodger who I adopted in 2014 from NCCR. She loves all kinds of activities including camping, hiking, swimming and going for rides with the window down. She amazes me how fast she can run across the back yard and loves to show off her speed to other dogs in our family. Annie began to play and express her self and show her true personality just a few months ago and 6-7 months after adoption it seemed she had something new and impressive to show us every week. She learned how to sit and speak from watching Dodger and even came up with her own trick walking on her hind legs for a treat we call the Annie dance. Her transformation has been absolutely amazing to witness, she receives so many compliments on how sweet and beautiful she is. Annie has a heart of gold.

Annie is coming along at a positive steady pace. I have kept her name Annie because she responded to it well and felt it would be easier for her if her name stayed as it was, it also fits her well. She was very nervous of all her new surroundings as expected but she is really coming around and is becoming very comfortable. She was very nervous and confused for a few days but I just continued to show her love and attention and she became very attached… teaching her that it’s ok for me to give Dodger attention as well because she wanted all the attention, haha.  Getting her housebroken has been a slow process but there has been great improvement the last few days learning the routine. She gets along great with my beagle Dodger who I adopted from nccr in 2014, being able to follow his lead on becoming house broken I feel has helped a lot. She has a bed set up in my closet where she felt safe near Dodgers bed. She is a complete sweetheart and gets along with all of the other dogs at the office and everyone loves her. She shows absolutely zero signs of aggression. She does not respond to any commands other than her name but we will work on that, she has a lot to learn but I feel confident she will learn quick. She seems very comfortable at home and loves her spot in the corner of the sectional couch. She is perfect and love having her as part of the family. Every few days she shows a new and happier personality as I feel she is settling in and loving it.
Thank you for the opportunity for me to bring Annie into my home, she is everything I hoped she would be and more than happy to give her a comfortable forever home.
Annie was adopted in December 2021.