Bear has settled in well with our family! We weren’t planning on keeping the name, but he responds to Bear and does come when he’s called. He knows sit, lay down, and “spin”.  He is a very picky eater but we finally figured out a cooked chicken and rice blend, mixed with his Purina kibble.  He only eats at dinner time regularly, but he has been putting on weight. His ribs aren’t as noticeable but we’re still working on filling out around his hips and spine.  He has adjusted well to our sleep schedule, too. After his evening walk, he takes himself to bed and is usually curled up on the foot of our bed even before we get there! He’s not a “morning dog” and prefers to sleep in whenever he can.  And yes, he’s welcome to sleep on our bed with us and he loves to take naps curled up in a ball on the recliners and sofa during the day! Housetraining is going well. We’ve only had a handful of accidents but we’ve almost got our schedule of walks and potty breaks lined up. 
He loves my neice and nephew (7 and 2 yrs old), and gives them tons of kisses.  He loves playing outside with his “cousins” (my sister’s dogs).  He loves going to Petsmart and seeing all the people there. They think he’s beautiful, very friendly, and super well-behaved!  
We’re still working on the kitties, however.  They are weary of him still, but he has stopped chasing them, which is a great accomplishment.  He is VERY interested in them and follows them around the house whenever he can, before they have enough of him and they escape downstairs.  
We’re so glad Bear is a part of our family!  We will continue to keep you guys updated.
Bear was adopted in November 2021.