Feb 2023 update: He is a lively little guy and brings us great joy every day! We are so glad to have him as a member of our family.

Aries is doing great and is easily adjusting to life at our house.  After a couple of very bark filled nights he has adjusted to his kennel and sleeps about 6-7hours before asking to got potty.  We have blue pads by both doors but Aries has us trained to take him out every hour and a half with great success.  We use intermittent kibble and praise rewards and he’s only experienced a couple of accidents!  He loves active play and chewing is his favorite pastime.  He has many toys to chew on and occasionally finds a slipper or a boot  and is learning the meaning of no!

Aries LOVES the giant pillow that he inherited from our former golden retriever and doesn’t mind that it is HUGE!  All in all things are going great and we are in LOVE with our little guy!

Aries was adopted in February 2022.