February 2023 Gotcha Day:  Finn is an active and vocal play companion for Jack. He will occasionally snuggle with us, but he’s pretty self-determining about how he spends his time. We have found, unfortunately, that he is not fond of our grandchildren, who spend a good bit of time with us.

May 2022 update: Finn (formerly Apex) is adjusting, becoming very playful and affectionate, with a streak of stubborn in him. Loves playing with Jack, wishes he could run the neighborhood but he’s cabled outside

Apex is doing well, although we did change his name to Finn. He is becoming a little bit more brown and white, although it’s very light. He’s sleeping through the night now in his crate, going outside regularly throughout the day for bathroom. He does occasionally still have an accident in the house. We are not disciplining him for that, but if we catch him we’re just putting him outside immediately. He is a bit feisty at times, and we are learning how to teach him not to bite. We know puppies bite anyway, so we’ve gotten him a number of chew toys. We try to give him a chew toy anytime he seems to want to bite. He gets along great with Jack our other dog, they play together and Finn follows Jack just about everywhere!


Finn, formerly Apex, was adopted in February 2022