“Beau” (the spelling is all we changed) is doing just great! We have had Great Pyrenees for 30 years. They’ve been our livestock and home guardians. So we know the breed very well.  Within 48 hours he decided to really play with us, complete with the Pyr gentle mouthing. He’s such a happy boy. Day 5 we started leaving him out of the crate when we went to the barn. And now we leave him out of the crate all the time. The cats have accepted him. The older one rubs up against him and the youngest one has started playing with him. And he’s learning about livestock, which he was apparently never exposed to! He came to us completely house trained, and is really very obedient. He’s quite protective of us, which is a good trait. Also on day 5 he started actually playing with our little Havanese instead of being freaked out by her trying to play with him. He sleeps well, lets us know when he has to go out. He’s learning about livestock and isn’t so quick to try to chase the chickens and turkey. The cows let him lick their noses – when he’s out they always come up to the gate to greet him.

We are completely taken with him, and we think he is with us, too. Thanks for being such an outstanding organization.

Here’s a little video of Beau playing with his new “sister”.

Beau, formerly Bo, was adopted in January 2023.