Bentley is doing awesome!!!  And Yes…we kept her name. It’s a conversation piece and she seems to know it.  She loves kids, people  cats.  The cat set rules right from the start. Now she plays with her chew toys and the cat is entertained with her tail.  😊  She sits at the far side of the kitchen and lays down as soon as we sit down to eat.  Takes food ever so gently.  She stays right next to my husband or I at all times. She will never want for anything..Lots of love, car rides and happiness is what her future will be from now on.  We keep telling her not to worry. She has a forever home.  When we lost our old dog Baylee of 16 years we were devastated.  (she also came from NCCR) She can never be replaced in our hearts but now there is room for another chapter of love and companionship. Thanks for all the wonderful work that you do.  You are all just as special as the pooches!!!!

Bentley was adopted in June 2021.