Zoe (formerly Ember) is from the 2021 “E” litter.

I am happy to report that Zoe (her new name) is doing very well. She made the transition just fine and is a wonderful dog for our family.  While the first 2 wks were rough (it’s like having young kids around that get up several times through the night! 😊)  We’ve even had our first puppy class with our trainer which also went well.  Now that she’s had more shots, we are socializing her more with other dogs as well as extended family and friends – and she loves people!  Several family members have larger dogs, but they tend to be older which makes for good introductions.  They are very good with her and are teaching her to “chill” in the presence of other dogs too.  While it doesn’t happen right away because she is a puppy, she does settle and is modeling good behavior there too.  I’ve attached a photo so you can see that she’s more than doubled in size and is acquiring more of the terrier long hair in several places.  She’s darn cute!

Thanks for your great work in caring for these animals too-

Zoe was adopted in May 2021.