May 2023 Gotcha update: Blue is doing great!

October 2022 update:  Buckeye has grown from 8lbs to 33lbs and Blue from 35lbs to 53lbs. Both are doing well, still growing, and happy.

Piper is adjusting well. We changed her name to Blue and she responds to both. She enjoys tug of war, going for walks, playing catch, and mothering the pup. She is still eating dry blue dog food but I eliminated the wet dog food. She eats a dentibone every evening and likes all training treats. She also has bones (from pet store) to chew on during the day. We have been on vacation most of the time since getting her so she is home alone very little. When she is we crate her, she does well with it. Once she knows the rules we hope to eliminate the crate. 

She sleeps through the night without accidents. She likes to sleep close to us but doesn’t want snuggled (we think she gets hot). She also has a bed that she usually prefers to sit beside. She understands sit, drop it, no, we are working on down. She is mostly potty trained with the occasional accident. She thrives on praise. She is very friendly and gets along with other people and animals. She uses a dog seatbelt for the car and rides very well. She is great with little kids and understands she needs to be gentle. 

Our biggest challenge with her has been her extreme intelligence. She learned how to take off her harness and open the front door. For this reason we are fencing in our yard this month and installing baby door protectors. If that doesn’t work I will buy new door handles.  She also seems to have some abandonment issues.  When walk out of a room and she can’t follow she cries or potties. We have just been trying to talking  to her when we step out of the room. It seems to be helping. 

Blue, formerly Piper, was adopted in May 2022.