April 2023 update:  Banner is such a wonderful, big, loving, energetic boy!! He now weighs 100 lbs and can counter surf without lifting a paw! Some of his favorite activities are morning walks and chasing bunnies, finding the hidden toy in his rip and discover toys (one hard toy covered with a soft toy that allows for him to shred the 1st to get to the 2nd). Treat time and basking in the sun outside. his new favorite is snuggle time! Banner loves to be right on top of you watching television late at night! Banner is a very good pranced as well. When he gets a new toy he will take it then prance while shaking his head back and forth. 

He has quite the goofy antics that keeps us laughing all day! Ban Ban will sit right on your face, sleep with his head hanging off the couch, watch television while turn his head in confusion or barking at the characters he doesn’t like, the zoomies from the yard to down the hall to back to the yard again, loud yawns, surprise wet willies and pretending he was never chewing something when he’s caught.
Banner is the BEST! Thank you!
We did rename Kaiser to Banner after Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. Banner has adjusted great! He loves to play with his new brother, Ruger, and go for early morning walks trying to catch the bunnies! He also enjoys getting spoiled with treats, belly rubs and naps on the couch. Banner never yawns quietly as he is letting us know he wants to play and has to tinkle! He has only had one accident in the house and it was on the wood floor; in my eyes that’s still a good boy!
We are so lucky to have Banner as a member of our family! We absolutely love him! Thank you!
Banner, formerly Kaiser, was adopted in April 2022.