March 2024 update!  New pictures of Buster and his Kitty Friend, Tiny.

Scoob is now known as Buster! He responds well to the new name! He is learning many new things! However, I’m sure he is overwhelmed by it all! He’s had a few accidents, however this morning he surprised us by sitting near the door with his little red stuffy and gave a small yip as to say potty time. No! problem with eating. Oh! My! Does he love visitors! He is a kissy poo! He play bows to the cats and wants to play, then he barks and off they disappear! His 14 year old Sister, Gracie has some medical issues so she is a little touchy. OH! HOW HE LOVES TO PLAY LASER LIGHT! This works well for exercise on a rainy day!

Buster, formerly Scoob, was adopted in September 2023.