2023 update:  Wanted to send a quick update on Chevy…. Chevy is amazing dog and super companion for my dad.  I’m attaching a picture of Chevy with my dog Jasper (Chevy joins us most nights for dinner).  He has does incredible with car rides but does insist that everyone that comes near the vehicle must want to see him. Well done with rescuing him.  Can’t imagine my dad without his buddy especially with him moms passing less then a year ago.
Chevy is doing very very well with dad and has been an incredible addition to his home.  He joins us on outings and provides a great companion with mom passing in June.
His name is perfect he is getting along with my family dog (all be it Jasper is high strung) as well as dad’s cat and my brothers hounds.


Chevy was adopted in December 2022.