Three years ago in September I reached out to you about adopting a large red malamute. I took him home two weeks later and he’s been my best buddy ever since. His name is Cinder now and he’s become a really fantastic dog. When I got him, he was very very head strong and stubborn, didn’t walk on a leash well, was very food aggressive, would steal food and trash anywhere he could find it, could barely do any commands, and was all around a big jerk. We immediately set in on some training and boundaries, and combined with lots of walks, lots of hiking trips, he became a really well behaved dog.  My at the time boyfriend who also had a dog, Julian, and they became friends immediately. Now said boyfriend is my husband, we’ve moved several states away to Maine and have a house of our own. So now Cinder is 6, starting to slow down a little bit (but not much), and living a really good life with his family. Both Cinder and Julian travel well, so they come with us on our trips, whether we’re seeing family or are out hiking somewhere. Cinder knows all of his commands, walks on a leash like a gentleman, does not steal food anymore, even waits for me to tell him he can eat, and is all around, a very polite, well behaved, well exercised dog. Anyways, it’s been three years since I got him, and Ive been meaning to let you all know what became of him. Thank you so much for bringing him to me. He’s an incredible dog, and I feel very lucky to get to be his human. Here’s some pictures of him and his brother. Hope you all have been well!

Cinder, formerly Ghost, was adopted in September 2019.