January 2023 update: Sweet Sig is doing great!  He boops the bells with his nose when he needs to go outside, and he has gained 10 pounds in the month he’s been with us. (He was quite thin when he arrived.  His ribs stuck out)

December 2022 update:  Hello!  Thank you for reaching out. We have absolutely no concerns regarding Walker, now named Sig. He is incredibly smart, and he is such a sweet boy. I’m convinced there isn’t a mean bone in his body.  And today he was officially licensed.  In the almost 3 weeks since we got him, he has noticeably settled in this past week. Also, he and our other dog (NCCR adoptee Tasker, now Ruger) have been playing really well together.  Sig now sleeps through the night. The first ten days or so, he was up quite a bit throughout the night.  But that was expected, as everything in his world was new and unsettled.  He eats well and drinks plenty.  He has already gained a little bit of weight. He was pretty skinny when he got here. He gets the zoomies each night around 8:00 pm, and by 10:00 pm he’s ready for bed. He sleeps right in the middle of the bed. He has received two baths so far, and he loves them.  He’s just an all-around sweetheart, and we feel so blessed to have been chosen to be his family. 

Thank you for all the work you do for the pups. I read about you on the website. 
Sig, formerly Walker, was adopted in December 2022.