May 2023 update: Clancy is doing wonderful however 3weeks after coming home with me he was viciously attacked by a neighbors pit bull who broke through a stockade fence and caught us coming out our door. Thanks to the amazing Dr’s and his surgeon at Brighton Eggert Animal Hospital he was able to recover although it was a long hard recovery. The good news is he’s thriving now, has become a wonderful traveler he just made his fourth flight to California. He’s loved by everyone who meets him and is spoiled a little rotten. We can never thank you enough for bringing him into our lives 🐾 ❤️


I adopted Coco now know as Clancy and am so in love with him!! He’s settled in beautifully , housebreaking coming along very well he’s such a smart little guy. So loving great with kids!! Everyone loves him immediately !! I had him groomed right away unfortunately his dewclaw had grown into his pad, my Vet was able to dig it out. Poor little guy. It’s healed well. Thank you again for all you do.

Clancy was adopted in May 2022.