June 2023 Gotcha Day update: I’m so happy to have her! She is doing great. Very hyper but very sweet and cuddly.

I have renamed Monica as Hazy. She is doing great! She does chew on everything within reach including me, but that’s a classic puppy. She has stopped crying in her crate for the most part and has only had a handful of accidents in the house since I got her. She knows the tricks sit, lie down, shake, stay, and come. She’s also been in her crate on car rides for about an hour at a time and she’s done fine!

Hazy is so excited to meet every person she sees and we’ll have to work on her jumping up. Everyone wants to stop and pet her. She also gets along well with my cat and all of the other dogs she has met. My parents have two spotted pups and Hazy adores playing with them when we visit.

She starts obedience training at Petsmart on Wednesday this week and her vet appointment is scheduled for the second week in July (that’s the earliest anywhere would take her).

My favorite thing about her is how much she loves to be picked up and held. She’s so calm when picked up and will give tiny kisses! She’s so loved by me, my family, and my friends already. We spent the day with my family yesterday for Father’s Day and everyone bought her a toy and spoiled her. Thank you so much for your assistance. I’m so happy to have her.


Hazy was adopted in June 2022.