Thanks for reaching out to check in on Indy, now known as Coco. During the ride to our house, I read a list of names off and when I said Coco, she picked her head up, I said more names with no response and said Coco again, to which she picked her head up. Each time we said Coco she responded so Coco it is. She is doing great, very much at home here. Her introduction to her sister Luna went well.  They chase each other and play daily and are fun to watch.  She loves going for walks in the morning and tries getting her head through the harness before I’m ready. She loves stopping to meet people but the rest of the time she is nose to the ground and busy sniffing. She is very curious and I feel like I have a toddler in the house but loving every minute of it ♥️ Well I could go on forever about life with Coco, it’s certainly entertaining.

Coco, formerly Indy, was adopted in September 2023.