Daisy (formerly Carla) is doing well, and adjusting.   She loves her food and especially her water.   House training is a challenge, although she is sleeping through the night (about 5 hours).  My husband stays up late, I get up early.   

She loves her chew toys, and is a bit hesitant around new people, but once she gets a treat from a new person, she is a best friend.  She has not met a child yet – and has seen the vet for next shots and general checkup.

She definitely “loves” her heart beating puppy that she sleeps with.   Very cute, and when tired puts herself in her crate with her puppy.  She seems very sweet, and happy.   A nice addition to our family.    

Would you know of any trainers in the area?   We always like to do a good manners course – never hurts to have some consistency in training.   

Thank you for checking in – it was pleasure working with your group.   Great work!

Daisy was adopted in May 2022.