February 2023 update:  He sure is loved ❤️ I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. He’s up to 118 lbs!! He’s a great addition to our family. Thank you for everything you all do there, you really make the word a better place!

Diesel (formerly Sid) is very affectionate! He has a 10 year old lab brother, a 6 month old Rottweiler sister & a 2 year old kitty brother & EVERYONE plays so well together. He gets to come to work everyday and plays in our office with his dog siblings. It really lights up all of our staff having them there, (and he sure doesn’t mind all the extra lovin’ 😉). He had his 1st vet appointment for his 2nd vaccine and needed to be treated again for worms. Other than that, he sure doesn’t have a problem eating and he definitely loves his naps. We are having trouble potty training. He is learning far slower than my other fur babies but the vet said it’s probably because he had just never been outside before & who wants to pee in the snow when it’s 12 degrees, right? So we’ll get there and we’re patient. We bought a doggy dna test to see what his breed is, so we should know in a few weeks. The vet thinks Great Dane! 😯 We’re going to have a very full bed at night haha! I also got professional photos because he is already growing so fast. Tell me these don’t melt your heart. He is spoiled and loved and I’m happy to give him the best life ever. Thank you for checking in, and I hope the rest of the litter is safe and happy too.

Adopted in February 2022