We absolutely love Dori (Dorian is still her name Dori is her nickname) She gets along great with our other dog Addy who is 9. She loves laying in the middle of her nice big, fenced in back yard & taking her daily walks.

Today she had her first visit with our vet & was very well behaved.  They loved her too as do our friends who have met her. Here are a few pictures – I have a ton already. First her & Addy on our way home from NCCR- already getting along & that says a lot for 2 dogs who just met & are in the back seat of a car together. Then some at home on “her” couch & in the yard & the day she met our best friends! Thank you so much; we love her & will do all we can to make sure she lives her best life possible! God bless all of you at NCCR! 

Dorian was adopted in August 2022.