March 2024 update:  Exactly one year ago yesterday I picked up Duke from you guys. I just thought somebody might appreciate knowing he’s doing wonderfully! 

Duke is adjusting very well! (I kept the name) He’s gotten along great with my dog and only had one accident in the house. (I think he just got nervous my first day back to work) He seems to be very leash/barrier reactive so we’re working on how to ignore things he finds scary/distressing. We’re actually working on learning a lot of things as Duke seems to lack knowledge of basic commands (sit/stay/etc) He is very food motivated however and I have high hopes he’ll learn in time. Duke VERY badly wants to chase the cat, but has already shown progress in that regard. All in all, for his age, breed and lack of knowledge I would say Duke is a very well behaved boy. He eats great, sleeps great and has shown very little interest in chewing anything outside of his toys. Oh! He does tend to bark at people at first but warms very quickly. We have not had the opportunity to find out how he feels about children. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to add this guy to my little family.

Duke was adopted in March 2023.