Hi… just wanted to share an update of Ember (formerly Eve) since it’s her first “Gotcha Day”! ❀
Adopting a puppy at 8 wks was new for us. It has been a challenging year of learning since bringing this feisty, happy, bossy, crazy, in your face, girl pup home who’s relentless with everything she does. I sometimes wonder where her off switch is.πŸ˜† Could never imagine our lives without her now.. always happy to see & be with us, wagging the fastest “skunk” tail ever! The underside of her tail is a frosted white strip.πŸ˜†
We love her so much❣
Thank you for rescuing our girl & all the doggies waiting for their furever homes! I may have went a little overboard on pictures.😬 Sorry. I do hope some of her siblings families share their pictures too. 🐾❀🐾

Ember, formerly Eve, was adopted in December 2021.