Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is doing Fantastic! We are so in love! As I think is she is with us and her big brother Beasley. It took them some time to warm up to one another… and now they are like two peas in a pod. Gracie is definitely one of a kind. She is so incredibly silly, spunky and sweet. She LOVES to snuggle and play with her toys. Gracie definitely loves to nap and her snoring has earner her quite a few nicknames… “Lawnmower” “Miss Piggy” “Snuffles” or simply “Lou Lou” …She’s doing much better with following Beasley’s lead and going potty outside and is a big fan of treats when she comes in. Gracie especially loves when Mom shares oatmeal cream pie cookies with her, those are her favorite…. I could keep gushing, on and on. We love her so much and Beasley is such a wonderful big brother. She completes our little family and we couldn’t be happier 😊❤️

Gracie Lou, formerly Amelia, was adopted in October 2022.