Update, February 2023 as she celebrates her 1st Gotcha DayFarrah is doing great!  She loves being outside to sleep in the sun or chase birds.  She has gotten quite good at fetch.  Her favorite toy is her ball.  She enjoys chasing it around the yard and basement.  She loves rides in the van.  She went with us on our camping vacation last summer.  She was not a fan of the ocean but liked the cool sand in the shade.  She and our cat get along well.  She has acclimated into our family very well!


2022 update: Farrah seems to be settling into her new home.  Housetraining went well, we got her on a walk schedule immediately, there were accidents as there always are in new homes but it went smoothly. She seems to be eating well, I tried a schedule feeding but she prefers grazing. We kept her name, it just seemed to fit. She loves the kids, the cat(Tootsie yes, Tootsie) who we adopted from a military family who couldn’t take her to Alaska, has come to tolerate Farrah who just wants to play all the time. Farrah is outside with us whenever we are working in the yard and we go to a county run park and do a 5k loop two or three times a week. She is a little hair missile!! Farrah has become my therapy dog and truly one of the family in very short order!

Farrah was adopted in January 2022.