Feb 2023 Gotch update:  Lola is doing very well and has settled into life in our home and our hearts.. She is cuddly in the evenings when we want to sit down and read or watch TV and whenever she gets a chance during the day she loves to go outside and do zoomies back and forth in the field in back of our house. She makes me laugh everyday and I think it’s so adorable when she lays on the floor and crosses her front legs and watches me get her food ready. She has lots of energy and is so alert and she notices anything that is new in the house.  Thank you Jordan for helping us to match up with Lola. I’m so glad that NCCR is there placing as many dogs as possible into good homes and caring for them and helping them to get ready for for their forever home.


Thank you for the follow up on Patience; we have changed her name to Lola .  She is settling in with us really well.  She has slept in her crate/bedroom all night right from the start which was a pleasant surprise.   She is mostly house trained as long as we are vigilant and timely about getting her outside.  She is enthusiastic in eating her food.  She likes people after she gets a chance to get acquainted.  Sometimes she get super excited in a puppy kind of way which includes running and jumping on furniture and people.  She does need some work with walking on the leash.  Bob makes sure she gets exercise by playing with her in the back yard.  We are happy we were able to adopt her too.  She is a good dog and makes us smile.  We will be taking her to the dog park when weather is agreeable.


Lola was adopted in February 2022.