On Henry’s fist Gotcha Day:  Henry is doing great he really has been the best dog ! Great with kids well behaved . We love him so much he has been a great companion toNico .we’re so glad that we met him and brought him home . Thank you guys for saving him !

Henry was pulled from an overcrowded shelter to give him a better chance and now he has a home!

We adopted Nico (Ian) from NCCR last April . We wanted a friend for Nico I saw Henry and asked about him came to do meet and greet and they got along great so we took him home with us . He is a sweetheart very loving dog we kept the name Henry seemed to fit him. He is wonderful with the kids he loves them and they love him. We love Henry; he’s a sweet dog  I know it will get better with cats !

Henry was adopted in June 2021.