April 2022 Gotcha Day!  Little Sport is doing great. Little Sport is super healthy…33.6 lbs of basically pure muscle. I’ve started training classes with Kaleigh in Forestville. Little Sport is so smart! He knows how to walk beautifully, he obeys sit, stay, down, and we are learning about “place”. 2 walks a day and practice playing and learning our commands….whew! We are a busy pair. He is a sweet affectionate little shadow in the house, and a great cuddler!  Thanks for checking in.

Sport arrived at NCCR on 3/27/21, pulled from an overcrowded shelter to give him a better chance at finding his forever home. Sport is a neutered male mixed breed, thought to be a bird dog type breed/Australian Cattle Dog mix, approximately 1 year old.

He is adjusting well to life. I have added “Little” to his name, so now I call him Little Sport….but he responds to Sport too. He loves to play with assorted toys, but is still learning how to fetch.  Sport can sit, shake, and lie down if the command is given in the house.  Outside is another story.  He is SO alert to all things moving.  I have seen him jump to catch a bumblebee 2x. He would dearly love to catch a bunny or squirrel (though I won’t let him).  Walking and leash skills are a work in progress.  For only being 33 lbs, he is massively strong. I keep him on a gentle leader with a short leash for our walks and hikes.  Sport is definitely friendly with adults and children.  I am still working with him on his dog to dog skills.  After initial barking and barking (like he is begging), he will usually play very well with a dog.  He LOVES to run at the dog park.  I walk him very early every morning, and this helps to keep him calm.  Sport had some pretty big anxiety attacks the first 3 weeks I had him.  These attacks happened when I left him, or put him in a kennel.  I no longer crate him and he is doing very well with free run of the house.  He is my little shadow in the house and in the yard.   I take him to doggie day care one day each week to help him get used to me not being with him. (Pampered Paws on Rt 20).  Sport loves it there.  Janet and her workers are very good with him.   I recently took Sport to an outdoor Art Show in PA, and he was absolutely a charmer.  Very friendly with everyone who wanted to say hello to him. 

I think he is settling in well.  I can assure you that he has captured my heart and I will work hard to take good care of him.  Thank you for letting me adopt Little Sport! Best of luck to all of you at NCCR!

Sport was adopted in April 2021.