Lexi and Mia

On Feb. 14 we adopted Lexie and one of her pups (Mia).  They are inseparable and play extremely well with each other.  Last week they had their first boarding experience when we were out of state on vacation. The boarder said they were so much fun to watch and so good that she even discounted the boarding rate we had agreed upon.  She wants them to come back!  That being said, we attribute their success to our Foster mom, Marcia, and continuing with a routine every day.  They are both now kennel trained. It was easier for the puppy than it was for Lexie.   I have spoiled them with lullabies and lying down between their kennels every night for about 5 min. after lights out.   We set up a puppy cam that has been a godsend.  When needed, I could talk or sing to the doggies until they settled down at night or when I left home for a couple of hours.  “Nice  Quiet” is a phrase  I learned while watching a dog trainer on YouTube. I  use it when they are being good and not barking or whining. Good behavior is rewarded with praise or a treat.   We are now at the point where we can see that consistency and routine have paid off.  The “Children” are now in bed and happy and safe. Lexie enjoys, playing outside, going for walks (she walks perfectly on a leash and naturally stops when I do), riding in the car, wrestling, and chasing her baby. She also loves her morning naps next to our little portable heater. 

Lexi and Mia were adopted in February 2024.