January 2023 update! King is doing great. He has made huge strides in one year. He is inseparable to our son Zach. He loves being outside playing in the field and woods. He also loves to get covered in mud as you can see.


2022 update: King is doing really well. He has settled in with his family, and his doggy brother and sister. He loves to play ball outside and go for long tiring walks. He is a great hugger, and loves to stand on his hind legs and hug you to say hello. He hasn’t really humped anyone since the first day or so, it may have been his way of saying we belonged to him. He only had a couple of accidents inside, likely because we didn’t realize he was at the door to go outside. He is wonderful with kids! Zach loves cuddling with him. Had he been socialized with other dogs at the shelter, it would have made things a bit easier. He has now learned to play and mouth with other dogs, but not to playfully bite as much. We think of him as a sixth month pup in a two year old dog’s body in that aspect, just playful and still learning! Beretta and Colt have easily accepted King into their house, and are not at all jealous of him. At first, he seemed to worry about being able to get his next meal, so we started feeding him more, more often. I think he know now that food and treats are always available. We have enjoyed getting to know our King, and learning about him day by day!

Adopted in January 2022