May 2023 Gotcha update:  It has been a year since Lacee came home with me.  A lot has changed here in the last few months.  Her Daddy moved into a Nursing home so now we visit him there almost every day.  She is a real “people person” and loves to go.  Everyone there fusses and pets her , they wait for her to come. She is my best friend and companion.  I bought her a car seat which helps with her dislike of car riding which was a big problem because we walk almost every day in the park. She drags this old woman out of the house some days to go.  She is off leash now and becomes a mighty hunter, and enjoying just being a dog.  I love my little, black, “devil” dog that protects me from all the squirrels and chipmunks in the yard and keeps an eye on the surrounding yards.  Thank you all for introducing us!


Lacee (Happy) is a joy.  We love her to the ends.   She is doing well trying to learn to be a house dog.   She is not happy being leashed all the time but is tolerating.   She enjoys walks in Long Point park on a long line.  Thank you all for the  joy she has brought into our home.


Lacee, formerly Happy was adopted in May 2022.