Laverne & Shirley

The girls are doing great! They are VERY attached to me! They howl at the window if I go outside without them. The first few days were a little rough with the cats, but pretty good now except when the cats run through the house playing, Lavern wants to join in. They sleep with me, Lavern burrows in the covers by the pillow and Shirley by my side. They love the food here! I make my own dog food with chicken leg quarters and sometimes rice mixed in. They get treats when we come in from potty breaks. Potty training is going pretty well. They don’t like the dark and will pee right away and back to the house! When raining they are not happy about going out. They found every easy chair in the house and both sofas. Shirley even gets on my husband’s lap in the recliner sometimes. Lavern is a bit of a chewer so had to make some adaptions in the house. She chewed an electric cord within the first couple days so I went around and coated any exposed cords with hot pepper. They have plenty of chew toys and I got them some chew treats from Walmart. They must have come from a poor situation in Indiana, didn’t know what treats were or toys and Shirley especially cringes down if anyone slightly raises their voice. They are both good natured, Lavern tends to be a bit of a rascal, typical young hound. We live on a farm and house in the edge of the woods so quite a bit of interesting things all around. They are more interested in sniffing the ground than potty duty, except when dark- then do the duty and right back in house! You can rest assured they have a wonderful home to live out the rest of their lives. 

Laverne and Shirley were adopted in November 2022.