Lily Jane

July 2023, first Gotcha Day update:  Happy gotcha day to our love bug Lily Jane! She is still doing great and is such a sweet dog. She’s nervous of men and will bark and bark at men she doesn’t know. But once she knows them and loves them she doesn’t forget who they are and is fine. Thank you for trusting her to us!


So first…Lily Jane is doing amazing. She loves her kids more than anything. Every night she gives them kisses at bedtime and every school morning she gets on the bus with them to get her treats from the bus driver. She gets excited when it’s time to wait for them to get off the bus as well. Recently we went to Florida for a week and my mom and her dog stayed at our house in order to give the cat her daily meds. Lily and my mom’s dog Taz are best friends and LOVED having the week together. I could go on and on but I think you get it. She is happy, healthy and so well loved. 
Second, as you know, Hector Perez was able to get 30 animal masks donated from the Erie Invisible Fence company as a result of Maggie passing in our fire.  Her legacy continues to live on. She may not have been on this earth for long, but she sure did make a difference. So please keep doing what you’re doing. You guys do great and you will never know the butterfly effect that you have on the world. 


Lily Jane was adopted in July 2022.