Lucy (aka Honey) is doing great.  She has adjusted to her new home.  There is always someone here so that works out well for Lucy.  We also have a doggie door, which she has “mastered” quite well.  She goes in and out at her leisure, and she just loves it.  She likes to sniff/smell and is extremely curious.  At first we were worried she would run out of the yard, but with the help of the invisible fence she stays in the yard.  She knows this is her home and she barks at anything outside (there was a time we were wondering if she could even bark) telling everyone this is her home and anybody attempting to invade her territory will have her to deal with…  🙂  We like her barking; it lets us know there is someone (something) outside.

She is a little scared of strangers at first.  It does take her a little bit to warm up to them, which is okay with us.  She is eating very well.  She is not “treat crazy” which means we cannot bribe her with them…  She will eat the Milk Bones but is not really crazy about it.  She has chewed a couple of my slippers, in spite of the abundance of toys she has.  Fortunately for Lucy, they were old slippers!

Lucy, formerly Honey, was adopted in October 2023.