Max is doing great he is a sweet, snuggly, stubborn boy. We thought about changing his name to Hank, but didn’t think it was fair to him to change it for a third time so his official name is Maxwell Henry. He marked his territory a couple of times the first day, other than that he is doing great no accidents. He has free reign of the house when we are gone and he doesn’t get into any trouble at all. I am pretty sure he just sprawls out on the couch and sleeps when we aren’t home. He has loved everyone he has met and they instantly fall in love with him. He is definitely interested in the cats and the deer that run through our yard, but doesn’t growl or bark at them. He has already been hiking at Allegheny 3 times and loves it, he definitely has the stamina of a younger dog. I didn’t hear a bark out of him for the first few days but now that he is comfortable, he makes his presence known to the UPS driver.

Thank you all for taking care of him until he came to us. We are beyond happy that we brought him home.

Max was adopted in March 2023!