Tillie Mae and I recently lost Bron Bron, our handsome little fella, adopted from NCCR in 2017. It was very sudden, and left us lost and heartbroken. I asked Marcia to keep an eye out for an adult female terrier mix, thinking it might take weeks, or even months. She just happened to have this little bundle of joy at her house, where she was learning what it is like to be loved. Mimzie came into our lives when we truly needed each other. Mimzie had a rough start to life, living outdoors in Ohio for five and a half years. She didn’t even have a name. We were happy to pick up where  Marcia left off. Tillie Mae, adopted from NCCR in December of 2013, enjoys having a protégé.  Mimzie has been making a great deal of progress in every area. She loves toys, treats, and mealtimes. So far, she spends most of the day in the bedroom. She is gradually spending a bit more time with us in the living room. She has met several of my human family members. Surprisingly, she is not afraid of people. She snuggles in bed with us every night. Mimzie has been such a blessing, and has helped ease our sorrow a great deal. With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I must tell you how thankful we are for each other, for NCCR, and for the absolutely incredible six years and nine days we had with Bron Bron. This is the third time we have benefited from Marcia’s magical matchmaking skills! We are eternally grateful for the entire NCCR team. ♥️ Live 🐾 Love 🐾 Rescue 🐾 Repeat! ♥️

Mimzie was adopted in October 2023.