We love Nugget so much! He has brought us so much joy through the year.  Nugget is a wonderful companion.   We look forward to many more years together!

We kept Nugget’s name when we adopted him. It suits him well. He loves meeting people. Since we live near the college, he gets to meet many college students. Many comment on what a good name that is for him!

Nugget loves to chase and retrieve tennis balls. He enjoys other toys, too – especially if he can chase them. He makes his own toys sometimes. He had a great time with a green cherry tomato one day! And stolen socks are great fun, too. He tries hard to get the squirrels and chipmunks to play with him, but with no success! The cats vary in their playfulness! There is some competition for room in the crate or on the sofa…

Thanks for taking such good care of his earliest care. 

Nugget was adopted in October 2021.