She is Wonderful! I can’t believe she came home a year ago tomorrow. Seems like she’s been mine always. She’s feisty & adventurous & loves to go hiking & for car rides & explore new places. She loves the snow, esp when she can climb to the top of a snowpile! She loves to wrestle with her brother & cousin & play with toys & with all her friends at daycare. She runs like the wind! She healed my heart when we lost her big brother so soon after she came home with us. If I’m sick she’s nurse Tavi & doesn’t want to leave my side. She loves to cuddle when she naps & sleeps at my belly all night long. She’s still leary of men when she first meets them but way better than she was & she hates anything on wheels that’s smaller than a car. Watch out bikes, skateboards & golf carts cause she’ll try to chase them. She is my heart. Thank you so much for saving her so that we could find each other!
Octavia also lovingly known as  Tavi was adopted in December 2021.