Josie is happy in her new home with two oldies but goodies, my husband  and me.  Larry went to see her saying there was no way that we would get an 11 year old dog (turns out she was only 10) named Kitty!  The moment he saw her, I knew it was love at first sight!  He thought we should not leave the building without her!  Being the more practical one, I suggested that we should foster her and let a visit to the vet decide whether or not we should adopt her.   When the neighbors saw her, they too fell in love with this sweet little old lady Shih Tzu, but they insisted we change her name.  So my husband decided her new name would be Josie – and I call her Josie Girl.  Everyone who meets Josie thinks she is the most adorable little gal ever.  And Josie loves every man, woman, child and canine she encounters.  She is particularly enamored with a fireplug that she gazes at from across the street.  I am convinced Josie is sure the fireplug is really a child she hasn’t met yet!
We had looked for quite some time to find a little girl and had nearly given up.  I decided that, when the time was right, God would lead a sweet little girl to us.  And along came Josie from a kill shelter in Indiana to us from NCCR.  We fostered her for 2 months and adopted her on November 25th.  November 25th will forever be Adoption Day for us, because we also adopted our little Foxy Lady (Josie’s predecessor) on November 25, 2013 who also came to us from NCCR and from a kill shelter in Indiana.
Every day Josie Girl continues to delight us and keeps my husband (and me) smiling!
Josie, formerly Kitty, was adopted in November 2022.