Hello NCCR Friends, I have been asked to update my life since being adopted.  Here are 3 pictures (of many), I have chosen my spot on the couch and that is where I am very happy chewing all of my toys and observing all my new friends, dogs and cats!  Even though I can be serious, I am very much a clown and consider my mom a chew toy too.  I slept a lot once I got here, it felt good to de-stress.

I am learning how to not be so nervous in the car, everyone is being patient with me considering the way my life has been. It is cool that I get to share a few french fries and a mcnuggett or two with Squirt and Buddy as a treat when we are out and about.  I find the beach very interesting but I am on alert as it is all new to me very strange smells and loud noises.

I am very comfortable at home within my own fence with new to me toys, weird though I haven’t found anything I want to bark at yet!  I stick to my mom like glue and I can tell she loves me like crazy.  According to her my presence has brought joy and awakened the whole household from a long cold winter.  She says I was supposed to being something called a foster, HA!

Anyway, thank you so much to all of you for the TLC, the other dogs there let me know I was in good hands when I got there, being fortunate to make my way to NCCR.  My best doggie wishes to all of you!  🐕❤🌷🌞


Piper was adopted in April 2023.