January 2023 update:  I wanted to give you an update on Romeo since we are approaching his first gotcha day in February. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone else at the shelter who might have wondered about him. : ) He recently passed his Canine Good Citizen test and has been approved to go to school (work) with me. He loves seeing all of the kids and they love to see him. We started an Instagram account for him at school so the kids can follow along.

He’s a wonderful wonderful boy and we feel so blessed that he found his way into our lives. He sponsors a dog at NCCR monthly since we are foster fails and can’t help that way. Thank you so much for all that you do and for giving us such an amazing family member!”
We all send our congrats to Romeo!! What a super accomplishment!  

Spring 2022 update: Romeo is doing great! We kept his name and he’s settled in well. He has 3 other poodle siblings that he gets along with so well. He’s completely housebroken, eats great, met the vet this week and goes back to the groomer again next week. He’s learning how to deal with cats and goats at his new house too! But I’m most excited to share that we are in training so that he can become Canine Good Citizen certified so that I can take him to my school library to read with kids. He’s just the best boy and we’re so grateful to NCCR for giving us a chance with him.

Romeo was adopted in April 2022.