Thanks for checking in with us. Bailey is now Rosey-Posey…….and several other names: Rosita-Pokita, Mala-Rosa, Sissy, Squiggles the Mopsy Mopster. lol She’s doing very well and has gained  weight too. When we first brought her home I could feel her spine and hip bones, but now she’s looking and feeling like she has some flesh on her bones – she’s a cuddly little bear. My husband calls her Rosey-Bear. They have bonded very well. My daughter adores her and the cat and dog play and cuddle with her too. She loves treats and snuggles and also likes to dance. She’s a very smart little girl and a wee bit naughty with chewing paper and sneaking into parts of the house she’s not supposed to be in. She does still have some potty issues, particularly when it’s wet outside. She doesn’t mind going out in the snow, but can’t tolerate wet feet. Thankfully her piddles are small and I have a good pee enzyme spray.  Thank you for all you do for the dogs.


Rosey-Posey, formerly Bailey, was adopted in January 2023.