Maggie and Teeter

We are doing great! Slow steps and lots of love!  The puppy’s name is now Teeter after my favorite character on Yellowstone.  She is doing well. She is full of it and has so much love to give. She is leash training and free run training and doing fabulous. House training is coming along well. She and her mamma have new beds and chew toys and we have doggie proofed the home for them. ( safety and for our things lol )   Maggie (mamma dog) is doing well also. She is able to play outside while on a leash and just started running a bit up on our back land with no leash. She has leaned many commands and is SO smart!!!! She is such a love and is house training well also. Maggie is learning to trust and to understand that this her home and she can make mistakes and it’s okay we still love her. We give her some extra one on one time since she gets a bit jealous of Teeter sometimes lol
Both have play time with us every day and outside playtime. The mud has been a source of joy for them hahahahah!   They are getting along well with family and visitors and love to take rides in the truck with us. Teeter has made a friend with one of the smaller house cats and they seem to be inseparable! They both are blessings I’m our lives and we thank you for all that you do! Much love to all of you.

Maggie and Teeter (formerly Bet) were adopted together in December 2022.