Wow…..who would have thought that after all I have been through that my life would end up this way. Being a mill dog has brought some challenges to my new parents. It’s a good thing that they have fenced in back yard. When mom put me down when we got to her house I went walking off like I had a purpose. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to far so I walked back to see the pack that I would be sharing this new place with. Mom called one Sophie and the other Sassy. At first she kept calling me different names. I used to be a Sassy & couldn’t understand why she called the other one by my name. But Rosie has stuck. It’s like another reason to have a fresh start. One of my first hurdles was just coming in and out of a door that was held open even in the snowiest  weather. Both Sophie and I would pass each other trying to figure out should we stay in or go out. Finally I  took the oldest dogs lead & wondered into the house.  I should have known then that whatever it took these new people were willing to go the distance for me. I am doing great in the potty department. My other two fur sisters and I are taken out all the time. We even go out in the middle of the night if need be. There are quirks that make my mom laugh and smirk at me all the time. I follow her everywhere to make sure she is having a good day. I feel that it is my job to protect her from papa. If I see him heading moms way I start barking. Mom tells me it is okay and I am slowly learning to use a quiet bark. It’s still hard not to be startled by even the most caring of touches. Mom is learning to make sure that I see her going to pet me. I can’t wait for what the future holds for me. There are pictures of her other fur babies around the house . All of them had smiles. Mom tells me that I will have fun when she is doing yard work in the summer soaking up the rays. In the mean time laying on the bed and catching the sunrays thru the window is wonderful.  I want to thank all the people at NCCR (Miss you Patty) for getting me to my perfect family. I would also like to thank a very nice man that found me in the road after a long night of exploring and took me to the Fredonia Animal Hospital. Without all of these angels I would not be where I am today. Hugs & Licks – Rosie (formally Sassy)

Rosie was adopted in December 2021.