Yep… I am going to interview for the poster puppy for Cute Overload. In my short 5 years of being a breeder dog in a mill I would have never guessed that this is where my life would end. The nice rescue people that I met along the way got me to NCCR. My picture was shown to a lady that fell in love with me instantly. She had to take papa out for dinner to break the news to him that she wanted me. To her surprise he asked if NCCR had any other dogs because they really needed to get two. That’s how Rosie & I went together to our new home. Rosie is a great big sister. I follow her everywhere. It was a little hard at first to follow her because I didn’t like going up stairs. It really wasn’t that I didn’t like to, I just didn’t know how to. But mom is out with us for potty breaks in the worst of weather to pick me up, show how to put my front feet up and push off the back legs. Her persistence has helped. I run up & down stairs like a pro. I also have a new sister Sassy. She is 16 and everyone gets along. Mom loves me so much and I give her kisses galore when ever I can. It makes her laugh and she snuggles me more and makes kissy noises behind my head. I am doing good at the potty outside. Both papa & mom take us out frequently. So I have learned to wait until we go out. I can’t thank everyone that I have met enough for getting me to my furever home. The day bed and all the doggy beds are absolutely wonderful. I roll around like a squirrel to make myself comfortable and just relax. If I could I would give everyone lots of kisses. I am in a home that I thought was only in my dreams. My sincere love to everyone at NCCR. -Sophie


Sophie was adopted in December 2021.