Rosie McNubbins

February 2024 update: Rosie and her family visited bringing gifts for the dogs and humans!



February 2023 update:  It’s Gotcha Day time for Rosie McNubbins! We are celebrating Rosie’s birthday tomorrow with a trip to Pet Supplies Plus and some special treats. She gets pampered on Friday at her groomers and Saturday is her annual check up at the vet. She is truly the brightest spot of sunshine in our lives!!! We cannot thank you enough for rescuing her and bringing her to us. She continues to grow more confident and self assured in her new surroundings. She’s learning that life with her new pack (Chris and I 😁) is sweet, safe, love-filled AND forever!  In appreciation for all your hard work!


Rosie McNubbins (her new name) is a little love bug!!!  She is learning her new name and responds well. It was determined at her first vet visit that she had a yeast infection in her ears. She has weathered the annoying vet visits with great resilience! She is doing great with the house training and has shown zero aggression towards anyone.  She has met some other dogs and young children in the neighborhood on her walks and seems unfazed. We have yet to hear her bark. Everyone who has come into contact with her has commented on what a little sweetheart she is! We are so very lucky to have found her. She has her forever home with us and we are so grateful to NCCR!

Rosie McNubbins, formerly Penelope was adopted in February 2022.